Welcome toINFOTRAK

INFOTRAK Corporation is an engineering firm dedicated to provide value-chain services to its most important “strategic partner” – its valued CUSTOMERS.

Our company’s engineering team has a unique experience in electronics, mechanical, software design, and systems integration. We focus on mainstream technologies:

Our company’s project management team has the experience to orchestrate our resources to fulfill the customer’s goals – from concept to design, from prototype to design validation, from manufacture to delivery, from deployment to end-user support.

We also have long-term reliable partners in the supply chain. They are our electronic components and parts suppliers, third party software library vendors, freelance developers, independent consultants, and value-chain manufacturers. We believe in our core competence, in as much as we trust the core competence of our partners. We do what we do best, and outsource what others can do better.

It is our MISSION to delight our customers with solutions that are innovative and revolutionary, yet "SUFFICIENTLY SIMPLE TM" to use.

For more information, send mail to inquiry@infotrak.ph.